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On Friday, January 28, 2005, at approximately 4:40am, at fire at the OutPost Tavern was reported to 911.  The daughter of a Clear Creek Independent School District bus driver noticed smoke pouring from the roof and her mom immediately called 911.  The fire was due to an electrical short in the neon sign that said "OutPost Tavern".

Fire departments from Webster, Nassau Bay, League City, Forest Bend, and Seabrook quickly responded.  Thanks to them our OutPost is still standing.

The OutPost reopened, Friday, February 4th, 2005, one week to the day from a near-catastrophic fire that threatened our favorite bar, landmark, piece of space history, call it what you will. You may watch the Discovery Channel and see a Monster House being rebuilt in seven days - BUT you have never seen the teamwork, spirit, and desire to open "our bar" like we witnessed this past week. Business owner Sharon Aden and her husband Stan could only watch a week ago as everyone else took charge - and made this happen. No conflicts (that's why it would not make good TV).

The following people are the winners of this year's Outpost People of the Year award. . .

  • Wakie Dunham - of Silver Streak Construction (281 338-1360), for functioning as the de-facto General Contractor

  • Robbie Surman - of Surman Electric (281 316 0239) and Bob's AC in League City for his support in restoring electrical service (http://www.bobsacandheat.com/)

  • Jim Jamison - of Bayside Construction (281 339-1368), for clean-up and construction support

  • Bob Smith - of B&B Construction (281 337-7403), for clean-up and construction support (and lending us his propane heater)

  • Gene Clark - of GRM Disposal Services, for the roll-off dumpsters and the loan of a heavy-duty generator during the major phase of reconstruction

  • Darrin Foster - Sharon's son-in-law, for the use of his generator this past week

Special thanks to Adolf and Carlos Villagomez, of the Beer Garden in Webster, for their support and assistance !!!

We also like to thank "The Best Darn Fire Fightin' Team in Texas" !!!

And, yes, we are asking for donations to help defray the costs of reconstruction. Although the media may have left the impression that the Aden's have no insurance on the building, it is because they do not own the building. It is leased, as did Gene during his days, from (the now estate of) Pete Wright. They cannot insure the building simply because they do not own it, although they have maintained it, as did Gene, all of these years. Sometimes, as happened back in 2000, we had to ask for help, and again, we are asking for a bit of help. I always think that 500 people giving $2 is much better than finding 20 people to give $100.

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