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God Bless America and Our Troops ! "
- Stephanie Foster

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Pictures of the OutPost Fire BBQ Fundraiser Benefit
Version 1  2005 Feb 20

"We were ablaze and closed for seven days

Everything was a mess, but we were still blessed.

Our Friends jumped in and fixed us, you see,

And now we owe them a lot of mo-ney.

So come get a plate of BBQ for a ten spot,

So we can pay them back before we get shot !"


All proceeds from this benefit went to repay the cost of the building materials used to repair the Outpost after our recent fire. Extreme Makeover would be jealous if they knew how fast our great contractors had us back together!!!!!

Many thanks to The Johnsonville Cookers / Bubba Johnson who cooked the BBQ

Many thanks to:

"Wild Fire"
"Rick Fannin"

for Live Music

Click on each picture for larger picture

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